Monday, September 17, 2012

Long Time No Write

I've made a resolution to write more.  More specifically, blog more.  

Recently I was telling a client about a project I was tackling, and she said "You REALLY need to blog this." ... and she was right.  It's funny, as we've tackled projects fixing up our home, or I've tried a new painting technique; I've been careful along the way to document every step of every project.  I've snapped photos of rotting wood and fresh paint, of salvaged items and inspiring finds, all with blogging in mind.  Despite this preparation, I've been held back.

The things that hold me back: 
Timing - I just need to do it!  Finding time to write, or more like taking time to write, at the end of a busy day seems daunting.  I haven't been able to find a balance between a drudgerous regimented blog schedule (no fun at all) and 'I'll do it when I get to it.' (which means it will never happen).  I've resolved to write when something moves me.   I do lots of fun projects that I'd like to share with the world at large, so when something moves me,  I'll write.

Spell Check:  I've always been a decent writer, and I have a basic grasp of the English language, but some things have always slipped through the cracks.  I use their and there almost interchangeably, I  use way too many commas, and I think I made up the spelling of drudgerous in the previous paragraph.  While as the daughter of an English teacher I 'know all the rules'-  frankly pouring over each post to seek out grammatical errors doesn't seem fun at all.   So... I've decided to cut myself some slack.  I've decided to let go of the idea that the public at large might read something, note an error of some kind, and judge me.   I'll do the best I can, and YOU will understand that this blog is MY voice, written in my way.  

Interest:  What if no one cares?   I would love to be one of those fabulous professional bloggers.  Someone who conveys interesting concepts to readers in a witty way, and gets noticed and followed by actual strangers.  I fear that in reality, my mom and my best friend will read the blog, and perhaps no one else will care.   I've decided it doesn't matter if I'm the only one who reads it.   I've never been the kind of person who journals regularly, I don't have a substantial diary to look back on, and I've never filled out the "remembrance book"  we received at our wedding.   That being said, I LOVE the idea of having a history to look back on.   I'll write my history here,  and you can read along if you'd like.  :)  

Content:   I do a lot of things.  I have an interior design practice, I own a company that makes handmade bridal bouquets from vintage objects, I do a lot of home improvement, and I make a lot of things.   All of these interests are things I'd like to share - but I wasn't sure if they all "fit" into one blog.  I've decided that it's all my REAL life.   Since I've done the hard part - cramming all of these things into one life - I might as well cram it all into one blog too!   I've decided to blog it all - business, personal, crafty, construction - you decide what you might like to read. 

Timeline:  I am WAY behind.  As much as I'd love to be able to "stay current" and blog about the renovation of our VERY dilapidated one room school house from day one, I am already way behind!  I've been really worried about "catching up" or "remembering the order".  I've decided to post as I see fit.  You're smart people, you can follow along.  I'll use those advanced literary phrases like "prior to that" or "about a year ago".... and you'll piece together the rest.  I've decided that timeline isn't as important as the stories - it's not as if its a step by step plan, it's just my life. 

So that's it!  
I've identified the roadblocks, and addressed them, and moved on. 
Now it's time to write!   Join me, wont you?

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