Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Medieval Must Have

So, it must be said that the kitchen in the Schoolhouse is dismal at best.  It's definitly of a medieval persuasion.   You know: dark, stone walls, dank... you get the picture.

It lurks in the basement, with a few measly metal cabinets trimmed in rust.   We've purchased a few temporary cabinets to tie us over until the remodel, but storage and work surface is almost non-existent.  I feel that while I may be the only one with a sketchy basement kitchen (ok, not the ONLY one, but I must be in the minority right?) I can't possible by the only person with storage/workspace issues. 

I stumbled on a product about a year ago that I bought it to display in one corner of our kitchen in the old house.   While I always knew that kitchen was a nice size, in my current state that kitchen seems EXPANSIVE at this point.  All of my cute display pieces are neatly packed away, waiting for brighter days, all but one...

In our current 'kitchen' my once display item has come to REALLY great use and I thought I should share.  This fabulous set of stacking mugs from World Market was inexpensive and endlessly functional.   The entire set stores in one little tower, neatly on a counter, or even in a cabinet.    The "tower" buys back a lot of cabinet real-estate that might otherwise be lost to a sea of "#1 Dad" mugs and the like.  

I bought the white in both large and small, but of course they released a charming colorful set like five minutes later.   The large mugs work as soup bowls, cereal bowls, a great place to reheat leftovers, etc. 

If you are short on space like I am, check them out!  :)

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  1. Can't wait to hear all about your big house remodel adventure!